11 Best Shoes For Wide Feet Men: Stay In-Style All Of 2024 | FashionBeans (2024)

Shopping for wide feet is about as sh*tty as forgetting bug spray on a camping trip. It can quickly ruin a whole weekend if you let it. However, we can promise you that having wide feet doesn’t limit you to only a select few shoe styles. And that’s personal experience talking.

You can still get the exact shoe necessities as ordinary-footed folks. All you need is a plan right before you hit the stores or start placing orders online, and you can get yourself some of the best shoes for wide feet men around.

Don’t panic, friends, because we have your back. You might have noticed by the title, but we put together this guide to help you navigate the cruel world of shoe shopping for wide feet.

Just follow our guidance, and you won’t have to worry about constant returns breaking your heart.

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11 Best Shoes For Wide Feet Men: Stay In-Style All Of 2024 | FashionBeans (1)

Overall Best Shoes for Wide Feet Men: Brooks Beast 20

If you read our article on the best shoes for flatfeet men, you’re already familiar with the Brooks Beast. Brooks is known for making some of the best wide shoes for men around, and this one is no different. It’s an athletic shoe that really earns its name because this model is a beast in any environment.

This shoe is the king of running, walking, or just lazing about the patio. Wide-footed guys rejoice—this is a shoe that can change your life.

Colors available: Blue/Grey, Black/Grey, Black/Red | Sizes available: 8-16 X-Wide | Style: Athletic

11 Best Shoes For Wide Feet Men: Stay In-Style All Of 2024 | FashionBeans (2)

Best Casual Sneaker For Wide Feet: Eviternity By The Jacket Maker Murphy Low Top Sneaker

Stride into the realm of casual sophistication with The Murphy Low Top from Eviternity By The Jacket Maker. Tailored for the minimalist at heart, these sneakers are more than just a pretty face. With a full-grain cowhide leather upper and a breathable aniline finish, they promise a love affair of comfort and durability perfect for wider feet.

The padded collar is like a comforting embrace for your ankles with each step. Style them with your favorite jeans or up the ante with tailored chinos – either way, your feet will thank you. And with a premium rubber outsole, you’re not just walking; you’re gliding on a cloud of stylish comfort.

Bonus, the entire shoe line is available in wide – no sizing up needed.

Colors available: 7| Sizes available: 7-14.5 Wide | Style: Sneaker

11 Best Shoes For Wide Feet Men: Stay In-Style All Of 2024 | FashionBeans (3)

Best Walking Shoes for Wide Feet: New Balance 608v5 Trainer

Strutting is the name of the game with this pair. They’re technically cross-trainers, but the design is perfect for guys with wide feet who love walking. The 608v5s are rocking an ABZORB heel pad and uber-cushioning in just the right spots to help with any frustrating pronation while walking.

>Massive padding means papa-bear levels of coziness. If you’re trying to find the perfect shoe for an all-day city walk, this might be your new favorite choice.

Colors available: 11 Colors | Sizes available: 6.5 – 16 X-Wide | Style: Cross Training

11 Best Shoes For Wide Feet Men: Stay In-Style All Of 2024 | FashionBeans (4)

Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet: Brooks Ghost 15

Plenty of Brooks running shoes are amazing for wide feet, but the Ghosts are our favorite. The neutral stability control doesn’t overdo it with arch support. It’s the perfect level of foundation to be able to run anywhere for as long as you want and not get foot fatigue.

Combine that with their luxurious BioMoGo DNA cushioning systems, and they’ve got us sold. The only issue? They’re so comfy you might never want to take them off.

Colors available: Grey/Black, Black/Grey, Black/Blue, Black/White, + | Sizes available: 7-15 X-Wide | Style: Running

11 Best Shoes For Wide Feet Men: Stay In-Style All Of 2024 | FashionBeans (5)

Best Athletic Shoes for Wide Feet: HOKA ONE ONE Arahi 6

HOKA is another long-time favorite among wide-foot fitness freaks, and the Arahi 6 is a perfect example of why. These aren’t just one of the snuggest fits you’ll find; they’re one of the lightest. They’re like strapping a couple of rain clouds to your feet. It’s impossible to dislike them.

Thanks to its J-frame support system, the Arahi 6 is marketed as a stability shoe, so they’re a prime performer in any fitness setting. The J-frame makes this an excellent pair for people with both flat and broad feet since it helps correct any pronation in your step.

All that, and they’re vegan. Awesome.

Colors available: Teal/Yellow/White, Black/White | Sizes available: 7-14 Wide | Style: Stability

11 Best Shoes For Wide Feet Men: Stay In-Style All Of 2024 | FashionBeans (6)

Best Sustainable Shoes For Wide Feet: Løci Maize Eight

If you’re looking for a new sustainable brand to love, Løci is one of the best. This specific capsule of their best-selling shoes are made with non-food grade corn shoes, making them 100% vegan. These shoes are also 63% biodegradable and much more durable than animal hide. Plus (yeah there’s more) the sneaker is water resistant; rain or shine these shoes have your back and the environment. On top of all of this, Løci is still delivering a killer casual shoe – a serious achievement.

Did we mention Loci Maize Eight is one of the best shoes for men with wide feet? These don’t come in wide sizes, but they can go anywhere thanks to their naturally bulky, wide, flat shoe design (a positive for men with wide feet).

Colors available: 2 Colors | Sizes available: 7-13 | Style: Casual sneaker

11 Best Shoes For Wide Feet Men: Stay In-Style All Of 2024 | FashionBeans (7)

Best Sandals Shoes for Wide Feet: Birkenstock Barbados EVA

It’s no secret that Birkenstock makes some of the best sandals you’ll find for wide feet. What you might not know is that they’ve moved away from the leather-only game. If you’re a cruelty-free consumer, that’s pretty exciting news.

Being that it’s one piece of EVA, the Barbados is like a cross between the iconic classic Birkenstock sandal and a pair of rubbery Crocs. The complete EVA design molds to wide feet like a slipper, even faster than the cork used on other models.

As far as looks go, the thick, white Barbados design is unabashedly loud and will make for some fantastic flaunting this summer. They also run naturally wide, so chunky feet will feel at home in no time.

Colors available: White, Black, Navy, Silver | Sizes available: 6-13.5 (Regular/wide) | Style: Cross-Training

11 Best Shoes For Wide Feet Men: Stay In-Style All Of 2024 | FashionBeans (8)

Best Dress Shoes for Wide Feet: Crown Northampton Grove Shoes

Even if you were ready to accept foot pain (or avoid formal gatherings altogether), don’t lose hope. Crown Northampton has made dress shoes that most men with wide feet will actually want to wear. Sizes do stop at 13 wide, but that’s a big-ass shoe, so most of you should be fine.

This pair has a Horween Chromexcel leather upper construction, one of the most desirable leathers in the world. They come in a few other colors, but the sexy maroon Horween is tough to beat.

Remember that “wide” isn’t an option when selecting the shoes. No, they’re too posh for that. Since Crown Northampton makes these to order, you have to leave a note asking for “G” width at checkout. Now that’s some truly high-class service.

Colors available: Horween Maroon, Sand Suede, Tobacco Suede | Sizes available: 4-13 wide | Style: Derby

View It On Crown Northampton

Best Minimalist Sneakers for Wide Feet: Crown Northampton Overstone Derby

The style right now is all about bright, expressive minimalism. That being said, these sneakers might be all you need this year. Crown Northampton knocked it way out of the park with this trend-friendly pair, all the way from Northampton, UK, to the US.

As you saw with their dress shoes, Crown Northampton makes some of the best shoes for wide feet, but you won’t see the “wide” selection on their site. Instead, you leave a note at checkout like an absolute boss.

Just don’t forget us when you’re getting constant compliments on these sexy sneaks this summer.

Colors available: White, Black, Brown, Navy | Sizes available: 4-13 Wide | Style: Sneaker

View It On Crown Northampton

Best Yacht Shoes for Wide Feet: Baudoin & Lange Sagan Decks

We avoided calling these boat shoes because these babies are next-level. These are yacht shoes. The unique rubber soles are designed to feel squishy and free, just like the unlined body of the shoe. Baudoin & Lange designed an unapologetically avante-garde deck loafer here, and boating footwear may never be the same.

The absence of lining is what makes these great for wide feet. You won’t find any half or wide sizes since the lack of lining lets the leather stretch to fit you like a foot-corset (if corsets didn’t suck the life out of you).

So, if it’s too tight, give it a few days before sending us hate mail. According to Baudoin & Lange, that’s just part of the design.

Colors available: Sizes available: 6-13 X-Wide | Style: Deck Shoes

11 Best Shoes For Wide Feet Men: Stay In-Style All Of 2024 | FashionBeans (11)

Best Boots for Wide Feet: Baudoin & Lange Rover Boots

Baudoin & Lange has a knack for making some of the snuggest fitting and best-looking designer shoes for men with wide feet. Like their deck shoes, this pair is also all about the lining (or lack thereof). Since it’s unlined, it slowly molds to your foot like a high-end memory foam mattress. Wear these beauteous desert boots to a festival and prepare to be the belle of the ball.

They’re on the expensive side, but they’re totally worth the investment. They will start out tight but given a bit of time, and they’ll be the most form-fitting pair of toe huggers you’ve ever owned (in the best way possible).

Colors available: Black, Green, Brown, Greige (yes, Greige), + | Sizes available: 7-13 | Style: Desert Boots

11 Best Shoes For Wide Feet Men: Stay In-Style All Of 2024 | FashionBeans (12)

What To Look For When Searching For The Best Shoes For Wide Feet Men


First, you’ve got to keep in mind why you need the shoe. That determines the style of the shoe. You’re not going to buy Timberlands for a day at the golf course.

Styles are usually pretty obvious, so it can be hard to mess this up. Use common sense when shopping for your next pair of the best wide shoes for men.


For shoes to be the best shoes for wide feet men, comfort is crucial. If things aren’t quite right, it can leave your feet feeling like a pair of overstuffed sausages. That’s the last thing you want in a pair of shoes. If anything, you want them to feel like perfectly cooked steaks. Or maybe pork chops.

You’ll know when the fit is right. If your shopping for the best shoes for wide feet men, don’t settle for anything less than perfect, or you might seriously regret it.

11 Best Shoes For Wide Feet Men: Stay In-Style All Of 2024 | FashionBeans (13)


Some guys swear by leather shoes, but others don’t want any part in animal cruelty. Since there’s no such thing as a cruelty-free leather tannery, many other options are available.

Vegan leather is a thing now, and it’s not just the crappy pleather our parents knew and hated. This stuff really does feel like the real thing. There’s also EVA, which is basically a super-airy rubber that’s amazing to walk on.


    • How wide are shoes for wide feet men?

      Shoes for wide feet men are as wide as you need them to be. Don’t settle on something too slim because you’re tired of shopping. You’ll end up regretting it.

      When you find the perfect wide size for you, you’ll know.

      • Where to find shoes for men with wide feet?

        The best place to find shoes for men with wide feet is in this buying guide. Scroll up to snag your perfect pair… or five.

11 Best Shoes For Wide Feet Men: Stay In-Style All Of 2024 | FashionBeans (2024)
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