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Whether you’re a YouTuber or not, we’ve all thought about getting a custom made t-shirt. Creators logo on the top face of the t-shirt or just the name, a custom print gives you a unique product that isn’t there with anyone else. Even if you have a small team or a start-up, don’t hire a graphic designer just yet. Download an app or just use a designing website to quickly get your ideas to print. So let’s jump right in, here are the best t-shirt apps to design your own t-shirts.

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1. T-Shirt Design Studio

T-Shirt Design is an app that doesn’t have a steep learning curve, hence, extremely easy to start with. The app has two primary sections, ideas and design. So, if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, you can browse the idea section with some pre-designed t-shirts, that can be downloaded as well.

Next is the design section, where you can create, edit and save your work. There are few tools that you can play around with like the brush and text tool. The size and the opacity of the brush can be tweaked and you can also choose the color you like. Besides that, you can add text and change the font accordingly. Most of us like to add images and with this app, you can not only capture but upload images from the gallery too.

While the app doesn’t have intrusive ads, if you want to get rid of the bottom banner ads and unlock more t-shirt styles you can upgrade to a pro version for $2.

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What’s good?

  • Brush and text tools can be customized
  • Option to upload images from the gallery

What’s not?

  • Can’t edit images
  • Limited t-shirt idea section

Download T-Shirt Design Studio

2. T-shirt Design and Print

The previous app just lets you design a t-shirt but if you want to get it printed, this one should be your option. The app in terms of design capability is similar to the first app but with many added options. For example, before creating a new design, you can pick a garment that can be anything from a crew neck t-shirt to a hoodie. You’ve to then select available sizes and colors before you can start designing. Like the previous app, you can change the color, add text, upload a picture but the added option to add shapes and effects gives this an upper hand.

There is an explore section as well, which displays all the trending designs. The app also has a, most popular and new design section, in case you don’t want to create it yourself. While this marketplace integration is good, you can’t actually edit these styles.

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What’s good?

  • Supports printing as well
  • Better UI
  • Trending design gallery
  • Multiple size options

What’s not?

  • Can’t edit trending designs
  • Can’t save designs as images

Download T-shirt design and print

3. Super T-Shirt Designer

Imagine a social media account, where you can not only design your own style but also follow others. Yes, this is what makes this app stand out. The app can’t be used without signing up and as soon as you do that, you’ll notice an Instagram style UI. The home screen is also segregated like that. You have a feed where you can see what others are designing. If you like someone’s design you can like, share and even comment on it. However, the option to edit these designs is still missing.

Similar to other apps you can change color, add text and images. The sticker section, in my opinion, has designs you’ll actually use. Another feature(closer to Insta) are filters, however, they can be only applied to stickers. There is a VIP membership which comes at $3.5/month, which gives you cloud storage and access to new templates every month.

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What’s good?

  • Social Media like UI
  • Usable Stickers
  • Cloud Storage

What’s not?

  • Can’t use without signing in
  • No free Templates

Download Super T-Shirt Designer

4. Canva

It’s an extremely popular graphic designing app and is available on all major platforms including iOS and Android. Guess what, it lets you design t-shirts as well. There is a template section but the designs are similar and very limited. What is not limited are tools and their tweakability. It has a dedicated text section with many font options and if you have the Pro version you can upload your own as well. Another thing about Canva is you won’t run out of options if you get creative. You can add backgrounds, pictures and make use of the entire element section(also sticker section in others) which has far more options than any app.

While you can export the file to PNG, getting a transparent background is again a Pro feature. It comes at $12.95/month and also gives you millions of more fonts, pictures, and graphics.

Note: Don’t choose a preset because you would need a big canvas size to start with so the pictures don’t get pixelated. Best T-shirt Apps to Design Your Own T-shirts - TechWiser (4)

What’s good?

  • Multiple tools
  • Works on all platforms

What’s not?

  • Transparent background only in the Pro version

Download Canva

5. Illustrator

If you’re serious about T-shirt designing, Adobe illustrator is one software that can let you convert any idea in your head on the canvas. The reason a lot of professionals use illustrator is that it works with vector, unlike Photoshop. So, when you create a design, you’re not restricted by the size of it. With vector, you can scale the design to even infinity without losing the quality. In case you don’t have Illustrator, you can use Photoshop which is equally capable of designing but works on pixels. If you don’t even have that, I suggest using Photopea, which is a free Photoshop-like resource.

Also Read 10 Best Ways to Open and Edit PSD files without Photoshop

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So, if you’re serious about learning to make t-shirts but you also want to expand your business in hindsight and add more products to the portfolio. Adobe’s Illustrator wouldn’t let you down. Here’s a quick tip, you can download t-shirt mock-ups and use it with Photoshop or Illustrator. Remember you can get Adobe Illustrator at $20/month or if you require other apps, get the entire Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

What’s good?

  • Used by professionals
  • Can design other products as well

What’s not?

  • Can’t scale images not created in it
  • Not a beginner-friendly software

Closing Remarks

All this software gives you the flexibility to design and create your own t-shirts. You can choose T-Shirt Design Studio if you just want to play around with the basics. If you’re looking to create and design T-shirt Design and Print would be a better option. Personally, I think a one-stop solution would be Canva. It’s available on all platforms and has so many design tools, that you wouldn’t need anything more. That was my list of best T-shirt apps to design your own T-shirts. But if you’ve something unique to suggest. Do leave a comment.


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Best T-shirt Apps to Design Your Own T-shirts - TechWiser (2024)
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