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About 520,000 people will attend EDC Las Vegas 2024 in Las Vegas.

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Your Ultimate Guide to EDC Las Vegas 2024

Welcome to your all-in-one manual for diving into the electric wonderland that is EDC Las Vegas 2024. If you're prepping to join the cosmic journey at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway this May, you've got the insider's guide right here. From the pulsating beats of the 2024 lineup to the neon-lit sky of city attractions, let's embark on this electrifying adventure together.

The EDC Experience at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

EDC Las Vegas 2024 is not just an event; it's an experience. A three-day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday electronic dance music festival that brings together music lovers from all over the world, EDC Las Vegas has become a staple in the festival scene. Held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, this event offers a unique blend of music, art, and community that is hard to find elsewhere.

Venue & Hours: The Heartbeat of the Night

EDC transforms the Las Vegas Motor Speedway into a neon dreamland from May 17th to May 19th, with gates opening for the Opening Ceremony from 5:00 pm on Friday, and the full grounds welcoming party-goers from 7:00 pm to 5:30 am each day. Keep partying until the gates close!

City That Never Sleeps

The festival's late hours are a nod to the city's sleepless nature, offering an immersive experience under the electric sky. Las Vegas itself is a city that never sleeps, and EDC Las Vegas takes that to another level. With the festival running from dusk to dawn, you'll have the chance to dance under the desert stars and watch the sunrise with your fellow festival-goers.

Atmosphere at Electric Daisy Carnival

The atmosphere at EDC Las Vegas is electric. With stages that light up the night sky, performers in extravagant costumes, and attendees who come dressed to impress, there's a sense of magic in the air. The music ranges from house to techno, trance to dubstep, providing something for everyone.

The Stages: Worlds Within Worlds

From the colossal kineticFIELD, known for its monumental designs and emotional sets, to the immersive techno haven of neonGARDEN, EDC's stages are a spectacle of creativity and technology. New additions like bionicJUNGLE promise a wild ride into house music, while quantumVALLEY remains the trance aficionados' paradise. Each stage is a universe of its own, inviting you to explore the depths of different genres and artistic expressions.

The 2024 Lineup: A Sonic Odyssey

This year's EDC lineup is a masterclass in electronic music diversity. With heavy hitters like Armin van Buuren, Carl Cox, and Deadmau5, alongside groundbreaking B2B sets such as Carl Cox B2B Nicole Moudaber, the stages of EDC are set to reverberate with eclectic vibes. Whether you're there to witness the adrenaline-pumping performance of Adrenalize B2B Wasted Penguinz or to get lost in the deep, melodious journeys curated by artists like Adam Beyer and Eric Prydz, you're in for an unforgettable sonic odyssey.

Food and Fun

EDC Las Vegas 2024 is also a culinary delight. With food trucks and vendors offering a wide variety of cuisines, you can fuel up between sets with everything from gourmet burgers to vegan options.

What to Wear

Fashion is a big part of the EDC Las Vegas experience. Many attendees choose to wear costumes or outfits that reflect their personal style and the vibrant, colorful atmosphere of the festival. So, don't be afraid to get creative with your wardrobe!

Activities at the Festival

Aside from the music, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy at EDC Las Vegas.

The Rides and The Art: Beyond the Music

EDC isn't just about the music; it's an all-encompassing carnival. You can take a ride on one of the many carnival rides, explore interactive art installations, or take part in wellness workshops. Full-size thrill rides offer breathtaking views of the festival, while interactive art installations challenge your perception and invite engagement. These elements create a playground for the senses, enhancing the festival's atmosphere of wonder and exploration.

The Performers: The Soul of the Night

No EDC experience is complete without encountering the Funkdafied Freaks. This troupe of performers brings the festival's themes to life, interacting with attendees in ways that blur the lines between spectator and spectacle. They're not just performers; they're the heartbeat of EDC, embodying the spirit of creativity and freedom that defines the festival.

Dress Code: Express Yourself

When it comes to details of what to wear to EDC, the dress code is simple: there isn't one. This is your chance to let your imagination run wild. From dazzling LED outfits to elaborate costumes, EDC is your canvas. Think vibrant, think eccentric, and most importantly, think comfortable. Remember, you'll be dancing till dawn!

Bag Policy

Take care of your belongings: With large crowds and lots of dancing, it's easy to lose track of your stuff. As for what you can bring, EDC's bag policy is strict but fair, prioritizing safety and convenience. Small backpacks and hydration packs are your best bet, ensuring you stay hydrated and energized throughout the night. Consider using a secure luggage storage service like Bounce to keep your belongings safe.

Why Bounce Luggage Storage is Convenient at EDC Las Vegas 2024

When you're at a festival like EDC Las Vegas, the last thing you want to worry about is your luggage. That's where Bounce comes in. As the largest luggage storage platform, Bounce provides a convenient and affordable solution for travelers who need to store their bags for a few hours or a few days.

Bounce: Your Luggage Solution

With Bounce, you can drop off your luggage at one of their 10,000 worldwide storage facilities and enjoy the festival worry-free. Each item stored through Bounce comes with $10,000 in BounceShield™ Protection, so you can rest assured your belongings are safe.

Even better, Bounce has no size limit on bags and does not charge extra for larger items. So, whether you're carrying a small backpack or a large suitcase, Bounce has you covered.

Things to Do in Las Vegas

While EDC Las Vegas 2024 is sure to be a highlight of your trip, there's plenty more to see and do in Las Vegas. Here are a few must-see attractions:

  • The Las Vegas Strip: Home to some of the world's most famous casinos and hotels, the Strip is a sight to behold.
  • The Grand Canyon: Just a short drive from Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon is one of the natural wonders of the world.
  • Fremont Street Experience: This five-block entertainment district offers free concerts, street performers, and the world's largest video screen.

See You in Las Vegas?

EDC Las Vegas 2024 promises to be an unforgettable experience. With the right planning and the help of Bounce for your luggage storage needs, you're sure to have the time of your life. Get your VIP tickets, and see you in Las Vegas!

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EDC Las Vegas 2024 | the ultimate guide | Bounce (2)

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All you need to know

  • Where will EDC be in 2024?

    EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) Las Vegas 2024 will take place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, located at 7000 N Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89115.

  • How much does it cost to go to EDC?

    The cost of attending EDC Las Vegas 2024 varies depending on the type of ticket you purchase: General Admission (GA) Pass: The GA Experience Pass allows entry through the gates of EDC, where you can explore nine unique arenas of sound, interactive art installations, enjoy free carnival rides and games, and experience sets from the world's biggest DJs. The price for a GA ticket is approximately $389 before taxes and fees. GA+ Experience Pass: Offers all the benefits of the GA Experience Pass, with added perks such as expedited entry and premium restrooms. The GA+ Experience Pass costs around $599 before taxes and fees. VIP Elevated Experience Pass: Provides an enhanced festival experience, including access to VIP areas, exclusive viewing decks, premium restrooms, and more. The VIP tickets start at $949 before taxes and fees. These prices are subject to change and do not include taxes and fees, which can add a significant amount to the final purchase price. Additionally, prices may vary based on when you purchase your ticket, as early bird prices are typically lower, and prices can increase closer to the event date or as certain ticket types sell out.

  • How many stages are there in EDC 2024?

    For EDC Las Vegas 2024, there are several stages, each offering a distinct experience and atmosphere, catering to various electronic music genres. The stages include: kineticFIELD: Known for its large-scale production and thematic designs, it serves as one of the main stages. cosmicMEADOW: Hosted by HARD, it's where you can catch a blend of electronic music and hip-hop acts. circuitGROUNDS: Features immersive visuals and a wide array of electronic music styles. neonGARDEN: Curated by Factory 93, focusing on deep house and techno. bassPOD: Dedicated to bass music genres like dubstep and drum & bass. wasteLAND: Focuses on hard dance, hardcore, and hardstyle music. quantumVALLEY: Presented by Dreamstate, it's all about trance music. stereoBLOOM: Showcases a mix of dance music genres, highlighting up-and-coming artists. bionicJUNGLE: The newest addition, focusing on house music. Including the bionicJUNGLE, there are a total of 9 stages at EDC Las Vegas 2024, each offering its unique vibe and musical focus.

  • What is not allowed in EDC?

    EDC has a specific list of prohibited items to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all attendees. While the list may be updated closer to the event date, typical items that are not allowed include: Weapons of any kind, including pocket knives and self-defense items Illegal substances, drugs, and drug paraphernalia Alcohol Glass bottles or cans Hard-sided coolers Large bags or backpacks (specific size restrictions apply) Laser pointers LED gloves or LED microlights used for light shows Stickers, flyers Pets (except for service animals) Drones or remote-controlled aircraft, cars, or toys Audio recording devices (professional photo and video equipment, including drones) Professional radios or walkie-talkies Paint, markers, sharpies Large chains or spiked jewelry Stuffed animals or dolls Inflatables, balloons, balls, frisbees Tents, large umbrellas, chairs or blankets Spray paint, fireworks, explosives Large purses, bags, or backpacks (there are size restrictions) Open packs of cigarettes (upon entry) Outside food or beverages (sealed water bottles are sometimes allowed) Vapes with refillable liquid chambers (disposable vapes and pre-filled cartridges may be permitted, but policies can vary) This is not an exhaustive list, and specific event policies can change, so it's always best to check the official EDC website or contact the event organizers for the most current information. The goal is to create a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone, so adherence to these rules is crucial for all attendees.

  • Is EDC a rave?

    Yes, EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) is often considered a rave, but it's also much more than that; it's a comprehensive music festival experience. Originating from the early rave culture, EDC has evolved into one of the largest and most renowned electronic dance music (EDM) festivals in the world. It encompasses a wide array of EDM genres across multiple stages, featuring both renowned international DJs and emerging artists. EDC goes beyond the traditional rave by offering immersive experiences, including elaborate stage designs, art installations, carnival rides, and performers, creating an inclusive community atmosphere under the "Electric Sky." While it retains the core elements of rave culture, such as a focus on electronic music, dancing, and community, its scale and production value set it apart as a flagship event in the global music festival scene. Thus, while EDC can be classified as a rave due to its roots and the music it celebrates, it also transcends this label, offering a unique, multi-sensory festival experience that draws attendees from all over the world.

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