Your EDC Packing List: What to Bring to Electric Daisy Carnival (2024)

Electric Daisy Carnival is a three day whirlwind of music, lights, and amazing energy. It’s so difficult not to get excited just thinking about it—the festival is really that memorable. Whether you’re a first-timer or veteran raver, figuring out your EDC packing list should be one of your top priorities.

As one of the biggest EDM music festivals in the world, making it through all three days of EDC unscathed can sometimes feel like putting yourself in survival mode. Don’t get me wrong—the festival is an incredible, unforgettable experience, but being in the desert all night for three days straight and the sheer amount of people opens up a lot of opportunity for things to go wrong.

Your time at Electric Daisy Carnival will be smooth and successful as long as you come prepared, and know what to expect. Click here for my full guide to your first time at EDC.

These essential EDC packing list items are must-haves when at the festival, whether you’re going to EDC Las Vegas, EDC Orlando, EDC Mexico, or EDSea. They’ll help tackle any problem or hiccup you might encounter, so you can enjoy the weekend, stay in the PLUR mindset, and dance all night long.

Note: If you scroll to the bottom of this post, you can find my full packing cheat sheet for EDC week, inside the festival, and your hotel room!

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The Best EDC Packing List: 17 Electric Daisy Carnival Festival Essentials

Hydration Pack

If there’s anything you buy for EDC, make it a hydration pack. A hydration pack is a festival must-have, regardless of which one you’re going to. Water bottles at EDC are expensive, but water refill stations are free. Plus, having a hydration pack means that you’ll be able to rehydrate without taking your backpack off and opening it to find a water bottle, leaving yourself distracted to the set and vulnerable to pickpockets.

Before you add a hydration pack to your EDC packing list, get familiar with Insomniac’s bag requirements. Per Insomniac’s festival policies, hydration packs can’t have more than two main compartments, and one smaller compartment. Bags and backpacks at EDC can’t be larger than 12”x12”, however hydration packs tend to be an exception as long as they follow the compartment rules and aren’t egregiously large.

I recommend going with tried and true hydration pack companies like CamelBak, or festival-favorite, Sojourner Bags, makes hydration packs that balance functionality and rave style.

Ziplock Bags

Between high temperatures and all night raving, hydration packs tend to build up condensation, or leak. Keep your belongings safe by placing your hydration pack bladder in a large ziplock bag before putting it into its sleeve. For good measure, pack an extra bag in case the first one breaks, or to share with someone else.

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Comfortable Shoes

As previously mentioned, going to EDC involves a lot of walking.

During my first time at EDC, I was stunned at the end of my first night, when I realized that I did over 20,000 steps (10 miles).

The reality is that running between Kinetic Field, Circuit Grounds, cosmicMEADOW, neonGARDEN, bassPOD, Wasteland, Neon Garden, stereoBLOOM, and Quantum Valley adds up. You’ll be having so much fun that you won’t realize this, until the next morning when you wake up.

Avoid having blisters all weekend by wearing comfortable shoes from day 1. I love the APL Techloom Pro, but veteran EDC-goers swear by the Adidas Ultraboost.

Emergency Blanket or Jacket

EDC Las Vegas is in well, Las Vegas. Vegas is in the desert, and deserts get cold at night.

Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas now takes place in May, but it wasn’t always that way. Previously, the festival was held in June, however it was so incredibly hot each year that Insomniac decided to move it up. Because of this, some years the festival does get very cold after sunset.

Speaking from experience, being in skimpy (but very cute) ravewear in high winds and cool temperatures does not make for a pleasant festival experience.

The smartest people I’ve ever seen at EDC were the ones who brought foldable emergency blankets. Small enough to fit in a backpack, large enough to wrap around yourself. Plus, they’re really inexpensive—you can buy four blankets for $8 here.

I’ve seen people in puffer jackets at EDC, people in fur coats for a more stylish approach, and people wrapped in fleece blankets. While you don’t need to go as far as bringing your winter coat, I do recommend adding a sweatshirt or shawl to your EDC packing list at the very least.

EDC Orlando and EDC Mexico are in November and February, respectively. Even though they’re both located in warm weather destinations, they’re also prone to getting a little chilly at night. Keep in mind that in Florida, rain is common, so you may also want to bring a poncho! These ponchos are under $1 each.

Extra Phone Battery

When you’re trying to film sets, find your friends, and convince yourself that service is good enough for you to “definitely get through,” phone battery goes quickly. An external phone battery is an absolute must on any EDC packing list.

You do not want to get caught at the Speedway with a dead phone, especially if you’re separated from your group or relying on Uber to get back to your hotel. Bring an extra phone battery to keep your phone charged from sunset to sunrise.

I use this external battery when I travel, which is slim, lightweight, and doubles as a phone stand—perfect if you want to take a selfie of you and the rave squad hands-free.

Find my EDC packing list must-haves below:

Wet Wipes

Festival bathrooms do not have a reputation for being the most sanitary of places.

While the bathrooms in VIP and GA+ tend to be cleaner and serviced throughout the night, bathrooms in GA are porta potties. Many ravers have reported bathrooms in GA and GA+ running out of toilet paper, or being covered in…less than desirable substances.

Save yourself the stress by bringing flushable wet wipes. Just note that technically, your wipes do need to be sealed on entry, so you’ll need a pack for each day you’re going to the festival. Extra packs can always be returned when you get home. You can also purchase wipes that are individually wrapped like these, to save yourself from opening an entire fresh pack each day.

Phone Anti-Theft System

Don’t let the phone thieves get you. I used this phone security trick when at EDC, and it was the reason my boyfriend’s phone didn’t get stolen when a pickpocket reached straight into his front pocket when walking through a crowd.

Buy these removable sticker tether tabs, and attach them to the bottom of your phone, so the d-ring dangles off the bottom.

Then, put on a phone case (so the sticker can’t easily rip off), and pull the d-ring through the cutout for the charging port.

Attach this slash-proof wire lanyard to the d-ring. Before heading to the festival, attach the d-ring to your belt loop, backpack, or elsewhere on your festival outfit.

This system works, and it’s less than $20 (much less than the cost of replacing your phone)! Just keep in mind that it does tend to sell out close to EDC, so be sure to order ahead.

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Rave Outfits

Electric Daisy Carnival goers are known for going all-out with their rave outfits ranging from euphoric and whimsical to psychedelic and eclectic. I recommend packing an EDC outfit for each day of the festival and adding an extra, more comfortable look that coordinates with the others to your EDC packing list in case of a wardrobe malfunction (like a solid-colored or metallic set).

You’re free to be as creative as your heart desires with your Electric Daisy Carnival outfit. Insomniac just requires that costumes do not resemble public safety uniforms, including police, SWAT, fire, security, and medical, in any way.

If you forget part of your look or have an outfit malfunction, don’t panic. Popular brands like iHeartRaves, Dolls Kill, Rolita Couture, and other indie rave wear brands host pop-up stores in Las Vegas during EDC week, making it easy to grab last-minute outfit essentials.

Bandana or Face Mask

You never know if EDC is going to be dust-free, or if you’ll be raving in the middle of a sandstorm. When winds pick up, EDC gets dusty and it’s not pleasant (or safe for your lungs). Bringing a scarf, shawl, or bandana can help you stay protected.

Speaking from experience, when the desert winds pick up, you don’t want to get caught without some sort of face covering to protect yourself from the dust.

A bandana, scarf, or face mask is easy to pack and keep in your backpack for dust emergencies. I would add two to your EDC packing list, just in case the first ends up covered in dust. Hopefully, you won’t need it, but you’ll thank yourself later if you do.


The speakers at EDC send the bass running straight through your bones.

Even if you’re the most dedicated of bass heads, being exposed to loud audio for such a long time really isn’t healthy for your hearing.

Make sure you can keep headbanging for years to come by bringing earplugs! These disposable earplugs are just $7 for 25 pairs—enough for you, and the rave fam.

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Kandi are brightly colored bracelets usually made with letter and pony beads. More intricate kandi might include glass beads, custom charms, or intricate weaving patterns. At Electric Daisy Carnival and other EDM events, kandi is gifted or traded between ravers when they make a connection.

Kandi is a fun social aspect of EDC and the EDM scene as a whole. Plus, it’s a natural souvenir of your time at the festival. Making basic kandi is simple—all you need is some corded elastic string (avoid the plastic elastic string), beads, and a few spare hours. Click below to shop for kandi-making supplies:

Hand Sanitizer

At some point during the night, the bathrooms are going to run out of soap and hand sanitizer, or you’re going to find yourself craving something to eat and not wanting to go all the way to the toilet to wash up.

By the end of the weekend, you’ll be tired, and your immune system will already likely be taking a hit. Stay healthy and avoid getting sick by keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer with you at the festival. Just keep in mind that it can’t be larger than 2oz if it’s unsealed. If your hand sanitizer is sealed, you can bring up to 3oz.

Misting Fan

May in Las Vegas is definitely more temperate than June, however, the festival can still get hot, especially during the early hours of the festival before the sun fully goes down. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to predict if EDC will be 100 degrees or 70 degrees until right before the festival.

Insomniac allows festival goers to bring misting fans with sprayers into Electric Daisy Carnival to help beat the heat. Your fan just needs to have a bottle no larger than 1.5L.

Chapstick or Lip Balm

The desert is dry—there’s no sugarcoating it. During EDC, I find myself reaching for my favorite lip balm all night long. You don’t want cracked, dry lips halfway through the night! Products at the EDC General Store are pricey and sell out. Plus, who wants to stop the rave to wait in line at a convenience store?

Lip balm, lip gloss, and lipstick at EDCLV needs to be sealed upon entry each day. In my experience, security is relatively relaxed about this requirement, but to be safe add three unopened tubes of your favorite lip balm to your EDC packing list.

If you’re looking for a lip balm that is ultra-moisturizing but has the look of a super glossy lip gloss, definitely go for the Laneige Lip Glowy Balm. I’ve gone through countless tubes of this lip balm and have yet to find anything more moisturizing and glossy in a single product!

Credit Cards

Electric Daisy Carnival is a cashless event. At Insomniac events, there is usually a booth where you can exchange cash for a reloadable card to use during the festival. If you don’t want to spend time doing this while at EDC, you’ll need to have a credit card with you to purchase food, alcohol, and merch.

I do not recommend bringing a debit card to EDC. If your debit card is stolen, it’s much more difficult to reverse fraudulent transactions and retrieve your money than it is with a credit card. Festival-goers commonly report shady vendors taking advantage of less-than-sober individuals at EDC by overcharging them, or adding egregious tips without their consent. Using a credit card makes it easy to get those charges reversed.

I always recommend traveling with two credit cards: a primary card, and a backup card in case your primary card is stolen, frozen, or the card type is not accepted by the vendor. Make sure your backup card is a different type of credit card than your primary card (i.e. if your primary card is a Visa, your backup card is a Mastercard).

I live by my Chase Sapphire Reserve card, which earns 3x points per dollar when used for travel and dining (amazing for EDC). It is absolutely the best travel credit card—I’ve earned SO much free travel with it. My flight to EDC last year was basically free! Plus, the card has an annual travel credit, free lounge access, great travel and fraud insurance, and more. If you’re interested in hearing more and earning 60,000 bonus points, click here.

Shop my EDC packing list essentials by clicking below:


It’s one of the least sexy items on this list, but one of the most important. You need to have deodorant at EDC. The crowd at Electric Daisy Carnival is in close quarters—nobody wants to be pressed up against someone with a less-than-pleasant smell.

Deodorant needs to be sealed at entry each day. Otherwise, there are no size or additional restrictions. I haven’t seen the sealed deodorant requirement enforced, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not.

ID or Passport

Each day of the festival, security will check your ID at the entrance. If you don’t have your ID, you won’t be allowed in. The following are Insomniac’s allowed forms of ID:

  • US government-issued driver’s license or ID card with a photo and date of birth
  • Any government-issued passport (US or foreign) with a photo and date of birth
  • Foreign government-issued driver’s license or ID with a color copy of your passport (note that if you have a VIP wristband, or plan on purchasing alcohol, you will need a physical passport, and a copy will not be valid)
  • Expired passport or license with temporary DMV documents proving that your license is currently being renewed (if your ID was stolen and is currently being replaced

If your ID is stolen or lost during the festival, you must bring a government-issued interim license or passport to enter.

If you’re a US citizen, I recommend bringing both your driver’s license and your passport to Las Vegas. Leave your passport in your hotel room safe in case of emergency, and only take your driver’s license to the festival for entry each day.

If you are not a US citizen, make photocopies of both your foreign driver’s license and passport in case of an emergency. Leave your foreign driver’s license in the hotel safe. That way, if your passport is stolen, you’ll still be able to get into the festival with your physical driver’s license and copied passport.

If your documents are stolen, having copies of your passport and driver’s license will make it much easier for your embassy or consulate to help you. Some have reported getting into the festival with photocopied documents in addition to their birth certificate, and work/school ID.

EDC Mexico’s ID rules are slightly different, due to being in a different country. At EDC Mexico, you’re allowed to present a Mexico government IFE card, passport, and foreign driver’s license. You cannot, however, use a Mexico driver’s license, or expired IDs of any kind.

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EDC Packing List Cheat Sheet

What to Pack for EDC Week

  • Swimsuit or outfit for each pool party you’re attending (tip: bring just one pair of wedges or heeled sandals, and one sarong/swimsuit coverup that match all of your pool party outfits to save on space)
  • Dinner or club outfit for each night (for help Las Vegas club dress codes for men and women, click here)
  • Casual day outfit for each day
  • Pajamas
  • 1x underwear per day, plus a couple extra
  • 1x pair of socks per day, plus a few extra
  • 1x pair of comfortable casual shoes for exploring Las Vegas that could pass at a restaurant, like white leather sneakers

EDC Packing List for Inside the Festival

The quantities on this list refer to what you should pack for the full festival, not a single day.

  • 3x rave outfits
  • A backup rave outfit that’s more comfortable, just in case
  • Outfit accessories including colorful hair extensions and face gems
  • Hydration pack
  • 3x large ziplock bags
  • Comfortable athletic shoes, like the Adidas Ultraboost
  • Light jacket or emergency blanket
  • 1-2x extra phone battery, depending on your usage and battery size
  • 3x packs of sealed, flushable wet wipes (or individually wrapped wipes)
  • 6x pairs of earplugs (in case they fall out, are misplaced, or you find a friend in need)
  • Phone tether and lanyard to prevent thievery
  • 2x bandana, scarf, or face mask for dust
  • 2x hand sanitizer bottles 2oz or less (get them in bulk for the whole squad here)
  • 3x sealed lip balm
  • 3x sealed deodorant
  • Misting fan under 1.5L
  • 3x sealed packs of gum
  • 3x sealed mini bottles of sunscreen
  • Bandaids
  • Any prescription medicine you may need in its original bottle, with your written prescription
  • At least 2 credit cards, from different providers
  • Your driver’s license or government-issued ID (leave in your hotel room safe if you’re a non-US citizen)
  • Your passport (leave in your hotel room safe, unless you’re a non-US citizen)
  • Lots of kandi
  • Your festival wristband and shuttle pass

EDC Packing List for Toiletries Outside of the Festival

These toiletries either aren’t allowed inside the festival, or are impractical to carry around, but are must-haves in your hotel room.

  • Advil, Tylenol, or Ibuprofen
  • Neosporin
  • Emergen-C
  • Allergy medicine like Claritin or Zyrtec
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Razor
  • Face wash
  • Makeup (liquid makeup is not allowed into the festival)
  • Micellar water, makeup remover, or makeup wipes
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Hairbrush
  • Hair straightener and curler
  • Hairspray or gel
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EDC Packing List FAQ

Can you take backpacks into EDC?

Backpacks are allowed at EDC, however they must be under 12”x12” and be single compartment.

Can I bring Advil into EDC?

No, you cannot bring any over-the-counter medicine or pills without a prescription into EDC. The EDC general store does sell over-the-counter medicine like Advil, Tylenol, and ibuprofen inside the festival.

Is there a dress code at EDC?

Nope! EDC Las Vegas does not have a dress code. As the festival’s slogan says, all are welcome here. EDC is a no-judgment zone, and you’ll see a wide array of outfits. The festival just requires that outfits do not resemble public safety uniforms.

Can I bring a Hydroflask into EDC?

Yes, you can bring a Hydroflask, or any reusable water bottle into EDC. Insomniac requires that all reusable water bottles and hydration packs are empty at entry. Some security guards have been known to throw out reusable water bottles even though they are allowed, so your safest option is to purchase the official Insomniac water bottle.

If you’re heading to Electric Daisy Carnival using these packing tips, tag me @eva_phan on Instagram—I want to see your EDC adventure!

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